Pre-Employment Aptitude Testing: Maximize Your Chances of Hiring a Winner!Hiring a Winner!

Are you tired of spending precious hours and resources screening resumes, interviewing, and training candidates that don’t meet your expectations?

Our pre-employment testing, candidate screening and coaching tools have been proven to:

  • Select candidates with the highest potential to succeed
  • Identify areas that existing employees can target for improvement
  • Enable managers to effectively coach their staff to higher levels of performance

Understanding Assessment Tools

Our psychometric assessment tools, which utilize the proven DISC Personality Profile and Prevue Assessment, evaluate an individual’s approach to the job, attitudes, behavioral and motivational traits, and job related competencies. The tested individual’s traits are then compared against a customized benchmark of individuals who have proven to be successful in that position. Our pre-employment testing allows the employer, generally with a high degree of accuracy, to predict whether the individual being tested is a good fit for the position for which they are being considered. Our clients have reported up to 30-50% reductions in bad hires and turnover after using our psychometric assessment tools – which have, in turn, saved them millions of dollars in lost productivity and turnover costs.

With our employee screening and assessment tools, you can quickly, easily, and inexpensively:

  • Identify candidates with outstanding initiative and work-ethic
  • Screen out troublemakers and those who are unreliable
  • Find salespeople who know how to sell
  • Hire and train people who are worth the effort
  • Develop coaching programs for existing employees based on real insight on their strengths and weaknesses
  • Talk to a “real, live, person” if you have a question